Facility at Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra (PBK), New Delhi

Facility at Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra (PBK), New Delhi

PBK was inaugurated by Hon’ble PM last year on 2nd Oct. PBK has an auditorium, conference rooms, class rooms, Banquet hall, restaurant area and guest rooms. It also has Museum and a Library.

Persons of Indian Origin, who are visiting India for broader interest of Pravasis, can avail these facilities on Payment basis. NRIs are not eligible for guest rooms while other facilities can be considered on merit basis on the recommendation by this Embassy.

These facilities are not for private visit or purposes.

PIO with a PIO/ OCI card can book the guest rooms directly by writing to PBK at email: reservations.pbk@mea.gov.in Phone Numbers: +91-11-24156400/ 24156430/ 24156405

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