Employment Visa ('E' Visa)

Employment Visa ('E' Visa)


  1. Hard copy of application form after uploading on the Indian visa website.
  2. Passport photocopy including all pages with entries / visas granted.
  3. Copy of Shenasnameh.
  4. Original contract / employment letter / engagement of foreign nationals by the Company or organization.
  5. The minimum annual salary for all employment visas will not be less than US $ 25,000 (US Dollars Twenty Five Thousand only) except in case of ethnic cooks and Farsi teachers and Faculty Members of IITs.
  6. The employing company / organization should be registered in India and a copy of such registration should be submitted.
  7. Certificate by the employer mentioning the salary of the foreign national employed in India.
  8. The employing company / organization should certify that the nature of job is such that qualified Indian nationals are not available for this job.
  9. The applicant must submit proof of employment or contract or engagement by the company / organization in India.
  10. The applicant must submit documentary proof of his educational qualification and professional expertise.
  11. A fee of IRR – 7,200,000 (including ICWF) – Employment Visa up to six months

IRR– 8,400,000 (including ICWF) – Employment Visa up to one year
IRR – 10,850,000 (including ICWF) – Employment Visa up to five years


Family members / dependents of an applicant who is granted `E’ visa will be granted `X’ visa provided the family members are otherwise eligible for grant of such a visa.  The validity of such `X’ visa shall be co-terminus with the validity of the visa of the principal visa holder or for such shorter  period as may be considered necessary by the Indian Mission.

An additional amount of Rials 220,698/- will be charged in addition to Visa fees as Service Charges + Biometric Charges by the Outsourcing Centre

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