3 Indian ships visit Iran

3 Indian ships visit Iran

Three ships of the 1st Training Squadron of the Indian Navy, namely INS Tir, INS Krishna and ICGS Veera are visiting Bandar Abbas from 04-07 Apr 09 as part of a good will visit.

These ships are Cadet Training Ships and provide Afloat Training to Junior Officers of the Indian Navy, and also to Officers from friendly foreign countries. Good will visits by IN ships help in building ‘Bridges of Friendships’. During this visit, Cadet Officers of the Indian Navy would interact with their counterparts from the IRI Navy and participatein sports fixtures and other adventure activities. On departure from Bandar Abbas, the ships would return to their home port in India.

The Senior Officer of the visiting ships is Captain Rajiv Mehta. The Flotilla has a crew composition of 145 officers and 510 Sailors.


09 April 2009


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